Friday, June 29, 2007

We're in La Esparanza!!!!

Wow, we cannot believe how fast time is passing by. We are now in La Esperanza Corp and although it is very different from the one in Buenos Aires, we are very excited and happy to be here.

Well, we had a great day on Monday with all the people from Buenos Aires. All the young people got together with the group and went with us shopping in the morning and then went to a park in the evening. We had such a great time playing games and talking with them. Then we went back home and said our goodbyes which was very sad.

Then we got up early in the morning on Tuesday and we moved all of our stuff to La Esperanza Corp. We arrived at the corp at about 10:00 that morning. As soon as we got there, Captain Samaniego and Major Alvarado welcomed us to the corp. We had our first meeting at five that afternoon. We met with the children from the corp and had a rehearsal for a special number we are doing with them on Saturday night for the campaign. It was great to see the passion the children have to participate. We were all very excited. The girls were so nice to us and they made us feel like at home right away.

On Wednesday, we were in charge of the Home League meeting which actually was wonderful. We had so many people and they were all so nice to us as well. We played games, sang songs, read the Bible and even had a contest. Since we are having a campaign this weekend; we got the idea of getting all of them to make an invitation. We provided them with construction paper and other materials and they had to be very creative. We were so impressed with the invitations. All the women really put their hearts into it when they wrote their invitation. Therefore, after the contest, we decided to ask them to take their invitation with them and give it to their neighbors. They all agreed that they were going to do their part in helping their church to grow, it was amazing.

Then we went out to give out literature and reach out to people on Thursday and we were able to meet a lot of people from the surrounding area. We invited so many people to the campaign as well and we are praying that many people come tonight and the next two days. Then at seven we went to the Central Corp to the united service. All of the three corps got together and La Esperanza lead the meeting. Stephanie and Josh were able to give their testimony and SJ translated. It was really amazing. A lot of people showed up and we had a wonderful time praising the Lord together.

Today we went out and handed out some more literature to the other side of town. It was great because the whole team felt so much more confident about doing this and we praise God for that. We thank the Lord for giving us the words and the courage to go out and reach people. We've had a few doors closed on us but many, many of them were opened.

Please be praying for La Esperanza Corp and for the ministry we will be doing this weekend during the campaign. We pray that many people show up and that we are able to reach many souls. Please keep us all in your prayers!!!!!!!

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Major Kelly said...

We're praying for you guys, everything sounds great. We're almost ready to get you home! Enjoy the rest of your time.