Friday, June 15, 2007

Bienvenidos A Peru!!!!

Hola desde Peru!!!!! We flew into Lima an hour late from Atlanta and were welcome by the DC's of the Peru Territory. After being so tired from the trip we were told that we were going to fly early the next morning to Trujillo. So after a couple of hours of sleep we woke up to find out that our flight to Lima was cancelled because of the weather in Trujillo and had to fly into Chiclayo (a city three hours away from Trujillo). Everything was great and when we were waiting for our bags we come to find out that they left one of our bags in Lima because we had "explosives" they said. The only way we could get to Trujillo was by bus so we had the great experience of traveling by bus. During the bus trip we were able to see the beautiful "Zonas de Dunas" too. When we finally got to Trujillo we were welcomed by Majors Montoya which by the way are amazing people.

Everyday we have been going with people from the corps to evangelize to people from around the neighborhood. The people have all been very receptive to our visitations. They are always willing to listen to what we say and very loving too. We were also able to help the people from the corps with the children's meeting on Thursday which was great. We sang songs with them, made crafts, listened to Bible stories and much more. They all enjoyed it very much and we did too.

On Thursday night the corps had a prayer meeting and we definitely saw the Lord working on all of us. It did not matter what language we prayed or sang, we felt the Lord present. We were all divided into different groups and were asked to pray with people from the corps. It was just amazing to see how we all forgot about the language barrier and praised God. It was awesome!!!!!!! Then Major Montoya asked the team to come to the front and just hug each other and pray for each other. It was so wonderful and we were able to thank God for the opportunity He gave us to be with the people from the corps. Then we had time of healing prayer. There were two people in the corps who were sick present in the meeting and so they called them to the front of the altar and we all started praying for them. It was such a great experience. We all felt part of the church and part of their family. At the end, each of the members of the church came to hug us and welcome us to their church.

Today the corps had a celebration for Father's Day. The different classes from the school they had here in the corps performed different dances, recited poems and even sang solos. They asked us to perform a special number as well and we were more than happy to do it for them. Afterwards, the parents shared with us the food they brought for the celebration which was great too.

It has been a great week and we are so thankful to our Lord for all the good things He has done for us. We pray that He may keep working through and in us and that He may keep doing his work.

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