Friday, June 22, 2007

Jambo from the Kenyan Team

(Jambo is some sort of greeting)
Thank you friends and family for all of your wonderful comments! Keep it up, because it is good to hear from you that way, and it makes us all feel loved!
Since the last time we updated, we have been very busy!
We worked at the Korogocho outpost in the Korogocho slums from Monday to Wednesday. We tore down a concrete platform and constructed a new one with 3 tiers and a tile floor. Of course, we had help from local construction workers and soldiers from the outpost. We also painted several coats of white paint on the newly plastered walls. Much progress was made in only 3 days!
Here are some highlights from our experiences:
- Visiting homes in the Korogocho slums
- Visiting an HIV/AIDS counseling center in the Kor. Slums
- Eating chapati everyday at Capts. Muwue's home Monday through Wednesday
(chapati is like a thick flour tortilla with small vegetables in the dough)
- Leading a service at the newly renovated Korogogho outpost on Wednesday night (the energy in the room was explosive)
-Visiting the 2nd largest slum area in Africa- Kibera slums- on Thursday
(Kibera has somewhere around 1,000,000 people living in the span of about 3.1 miles....crazy!)
- Getting the opportunity to pray with people infected with the HIV virus who were living in Kibera.
- Sleeping in on Friday morning after a very long week
- Haggling for souvenirs at a local market in Nairobi

It has been a jam packed week, and tomorrow we leave at 7 in the morning to go to western Kenya for another jam packed week. A week of nothing but 6 o'clock mornings and beautiful country. We are told that down one 15 mile street in Western Kenya, there is a corps on every other street corner. Also, there are over 130,000 soldiers in western Kenya. God is really blessing that area. New unauthorized corps just seem to pop up all over the place. Praise God!

We are excited though for tomorrow and for next week. And I (Lindsey) am even celebrating my 20th birthday while we are in Western Kenya. So I am of course excited about that. (It's on the 26th of June...leave comments! lol)

God has been using all of us in a powerful way. We have all given our testimonies while we have been here, and we have used our talents to glorify God in various meetings. They can't seem to get enough of our gospel arts dance!

Well, we love you all, and hope that you are all doing well, whatever country you happen to be in!
Keep us in your prayers,
The Kenyan Team
(and Lindsey the Journalist)

PS sorry about no pictures.....none of us have a USB cord to transfer pictures. = (


Lindsey's mom said...

We're praying for your safe travel and ministry as you go to your next destination. Love you!

joanne said...

Hi there,
Lindsey I just want you and the rest of the team to know that we here in Fort Myers, Fl are praying for all of you that God will Bless you and use you and keep you healthy and safe.

Lindsey... How blessed you are to be able to say you had your 20th birthday in Africa. That is so neat. Hope you have a great day.
Please keep us posted on all you are doing. God bless you. smilz
joanne pricilla

Luz A. Ramos said...

Looks like you are all having a great experience. Your team is in our prayers. This is Daynes' beautiful sister by the way. About your picture problem... You can try taking pictures on your cell phones...did anyone take theirs? you can then email those pictures to yourself and then post them. Please make sure Daynes takes a picture with a Lion. Dangerous I know, but well worth a great shot.
Take care and be SAFE!!!

Kelsey said...

Good grief you guys suck for getting to do all of that... every one of you. Especially lindsey for having her birthday in an awesome place AGAIN.

Kidding guys, im jealous

Andie's Mom said...

Hi Andie,
It was great talking to you (and to Daynes) the other day. I tried several times today (Saturday) to get through, but I kept getting a message in Swahili, then English, that the number couldn't be reached.
It sounds like the trip of a lifetime.
Lots of love and hugs!

lilsis said...

LINDSEY!!!!!!!! (again) youre going to be 20!!!! thats unreal. youre NOT gonna be 20! Im only 14!! Yo I need to hurry up and turn 15!!! ANYWAYS! I hope your b-day is AMAZING and If I have time Ill get up REALLY early monday morning (or not go to bed) and leave you a b-day comment

cristal said...

i am so proud of you. first you're singing in the praise band for youth councils and now you're in the mother land. we miss you so much. during orientation philip said sheena (he didn't mean to) and we all went "awwwwwww". we are all praying for you and hope you are growing spiritually and mentally. have a great safari and all that good stuff. we all love you (conservatory staff)!!!
but i love you the most of course!!!

Lindsey's mom said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! We love you and miss you so much and your birthday will be very lonely without you here! We're sending you our best birthday wishes and hugs via God's special angel messengers! Have the best of days!

audrey said...

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that your all in my prayers. I'm a friend of Kris from LU. I have my whole family praying for you guys as well! Hope you have an incredible time and God work's through you and also in you! Much Love, Audrey

Pops said...

Hey Bud,

Skipping around the neighborhood looking for signal to give you a short message.

Chipper has not caught a wink since you left. "Come home" he crys. WE MISS YOU TOO!

Learning many life lesson? Hope all is well and you and yours are in great health, physical, mental and spiritually.

Well before I get caught,

Love Pops, adn the rest.

The Bear said...

Hope you're doing great and please know that I'm missing you this summer! Jr. Conservatory has been and gone and was a lot of fun as always. Senior is a bit of a shock to the system and it hasn't stopped raining for days, more than we've ever had before. The kids were in the bathrooms tonight during a Tornado warning for almost an hour! Anyway, know that we're praying for you, and that I love you more than crazy Cristal and couldn't be more proud of you! All she does is sleep on the couch with Hannah all day and eat my mini-eggs, porker!
Love ya!

joanne said...

Hi Lindsey, Just wanted you to know you are missed and I think it must be awesome to be where you are now and see such a different lifestyle. Hopefully you are feeling better and managing to enjoy this experience.
Did your mom tell you Chelsea won an award at band camp and also Zach won the TMI award. I thought that was great. I can't imagine what you are thinking as you serve God there and show His love.
LQQking forward to your next input on the blog sight. You are precious in HIS sight.
God bless and protect you.
smilz joanne pricilla

vicki said...

hey! aw lindsey i remember celebrating your bday in much fun. happy birthday beautiful chica! I am praying for the team and it seems from the report that you are all feeling the prayers of the people across the country who are praying for you. How exciting! I'm still really jealous!!! haha. and remember everyone needs to give andie a really big hug from me!!! i miss her so...Anyway, God bless all of you. love vicki

cristal said...

JAMBO Kristin!!!

i hope you're having a blast with my best friend...(you're my best friend too!)
i miss you and i've been praying for you. i was so happy to see you in atlanta. have fun and take a picture of an elephant for me okay!

oh and sheena i don't eat mini eggs all the time but i do sleep all day:)

love ya both

malahockma said...


We have all been praying for you and the team - the folks at the corps asks about you often and they are lifting you up as well. We have posted your picture on the missionary board so that everyone has a reminder of where you are. Stay away from the lions, actually I guess the mosquitos are more dangerous so stay away from them as well. Your sisters say hi and so does Coco. We miss you lots and love you lots, Love ya Mom and the gang

Lauren said...

Happy late birthday Lindsey!!! Hope it was wonderful! And happy early birthday Andie! I have no idea what you want. I'll have to take you shopping somewhere like we did at Christmas. Hope you're all having a great time and staying happy & healthy!

Pops said...

Hey Bud,

Hope all is well and you are in-joy with the One who has called you. We are going to call you Saturday night around 9:00 if you get this message after we call, it was good talking with you.

Till tommorrow,


I think and pray for you many times every day! It's so good to hear about how your ministry is going full speed ahead! What an amazing experience! Praying God's protection and empowerment upon each of you. Blessings! Mom

cristal said...

Hi, me and Cristal are on our day off and so wanted to write to you. We've been to the movies, Wal-mart and are now watching Dodgeball and eating cookies before we go back to camp. I'm sure you're doing way more exciting things, but it's been ok for a day off! I hope Kristin isn't being too annoying and that you are being nice to everyone. Don't forget the big TX, remember who you are and what you represent! Love you!

Gordon said...

Hi, Andie! Just getting a chance to see your team's blog. Sounds like you are having a great time. Hopefully I'll get a chance to call you on the cell number provided soon.

I'm in Toronto with my brother Don, after coming back from the cottage. Buddy, Carolyn, Sean and Frances (as well as John and Sue McKenzie, Johnny Buchan, Uncle Bob and various other relatives) all say hello, and are looking forward to seeing you up here in a month or so.

I also helped Bonnie, Heather, and Bobby move on Saturday...they pass on their greetings as well. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm off to Vancouver to see your Halsey grandparents and Joanne, Andy and the girls. Momma and Pappa have been asking how you are doing. I'm going to show them how to get to the blog site tomorrow.

Happy birthday! (in 2 weeks) Hope you get this in time! Enjoy your time with all the SA Soldiers there. It's a wonder they are not sending missionaries to North America...

Looking forward to seeing you again in (is it only) 3 weeks or so!

Love and blessings!

cristal said...


i miss you so much. so marty is here this week and he asked about you and i told him that i missed you and that camp isn't the same without you.

so next and you counselors baby!!! and patty and tiff and someone else but oh boi imagine all that fun we would have.

hayde misses you. she broke my blow dryer so now i'm gonna have to brake her face. you know how it is.

you are in all of our prayers. be safe don't talk to weird strangers and number one rule don't be shy and don't be lazy.
and i gotta dolla in my wallet.
alrighty, i love you!!!!

sheena's favorite sister (lol) said...

Hey sheeners,
dont be such a punk. give a nigga a call. so tio felipe is in the hospital because he had a heart attack and they said he might not make it. so just letting you know. i know its good for you being back in your native land but you should come home.