Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day from Gulfport!

So here we are with almost one full week under our belts.

Since the last time I updated Captain Monique led a prayer meeting where I (Shannon) did a mime to the song "Praise You in this Storm" by Casting Crowns. We also went to a Bible Study on Old Testament characters and got to sit in on a Home League meeting. On Friday, we went to a nursing home and led a program with Tony giving the devotion and a skit about the Tree of Life. After the program we visited with some of the residents and passed out War Cry's. On Saturday we held an outdoor Sidewalk Sunday school focusing on a few of Jesus' miracles. We had about 13 kids from the neighborhood show up which was great.

We did one home visitation to and older couple called the Youngbloods. This couple is 80+ years old and lost everything in the storm 2 years ago. Since then, Mr. Youngblood has rebuilt their house with just him and his son and brought up an absolutely beautiful garden filled with gourds, beans, and banana trees, among other things. We were all inspired by the Youngbloods' courage to carry on after the storm and their initative to take charge of their lives to rebuild instead of sitting around thinking about what used to be. Mrs. Youngblood said "I think that they (the Salvation Army) help me a lot because I help myself." (not a direct quote) Mr. Youngblood even came out to help us when our van almost got stuck in the ditch by their house because it was raining heavily. After we got over that obstacle we came to some large branches that had fallen in the road as a result of the high winds. After Leo and Tony had cleared them away, we were on our way again.

Life in the warehouse is good. There was a mouse sighting last night but we have traps set out to catch those little rascals.

This morning Andrew is doing preliminaries and a united Sunday School and then a few of us are participating in the Holiness Meeting in different ways including a skit that we are all in.

We will be working in Pascagoula shortly and we have no idea what awaits us when we get there so please be in prayer for that.
Happy Father's Day!

In Christ,
Shannon & the SSC Gulf Coast Team

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