Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Finally...We made it to Kenya

We made it safely to Kenya and have been having such a good time that we haven't had the opportunity to get on the internet.
After sitting on the runway for 2 hours in Atlanta, we took off over a week ago for Kenya. 16hours of flight time later, we landed in Nairobi, after a 10minute stop in Amsterdam (we were supposed to have 3 hours in Amsterdam).
We arrived in Kenya on a Tuesday night, and we have been up to so much since then!
Here are some highlights:
3 open air meeting in 2 days,
An amazingly long and exciting soccer game at the children's home
Taste testing Kenyan dishes....ugali and chapati
Visitations in 2 different slum areas in Nairobi
Building relationships with our friends here
Breathing in the wonderful Nairobi pollution
Drinking 2 cups of tea during every tea time

It's incredible that we have been able to do so much in such a little amount of time! Only a week!
During 2 of our open airs, 82 people raised their hands saying that they accepted Jesus as their savior.
The people here are so nice and friendly. They are soooo warm here, and they never meet a stranger. They have accepted our entire team with open arms, and they believe in us so much. These people have so much faith and believe that prayer really works and is powerful- Which it is, but sometimes we can forget.

So we are having a very good time, and we are all in good health, no malaria to speak of, and no bug bites either. Well, I have one bug bite, but that's it! And we are being fed very well here.

Next week, we are going to a rural area for 7 days (it will take a 9 hour car ride to reach the area), so that will be interesting. Malaria is worse in that area, but Jesus saves (as Kris says everyday).

We love you all
Kenyan Team
PS .. some extras
-we are learning a lot of swahili
- we have had a wonderful driver here named Arnold who we do not like now because he is leaving us
-Daynes spoke at the open air meetings...like woah
-Nathan preached amazingly, but despite the power of his sermon, Kris feel asleep
-We have a maid named Meble....she does everything- makes our beds, taught us to cook Kenyan dishes, washes our clothes, cleans the house. She is great!
- We are staying in a beautiful 4 bed, 2 bath home.....for now, and it is great! It has hot water on most days, which is a luxury we won't see much here!
And now I am done
from Lindsey the journalist


vicki said...

As I was reading this post I could tell it was lindsey! yay!!! im so jealous...it sounds like youre all having a marvelous time and that you are blessing many as well as being blessed yourselves. I am praying for all of you and everyone take care of my roomie!!! and yourselves of course. -vicki-

Momma Gail said...

Loved hearing from you! You are missed greatly but we are thrilled with the way God is using you! Take care of that bug bite! Please don't come home with malaria!

Love to the entire team!

Love, Serve, Disciple said...

Yeah you guys keep on winning th world for Jesus rock on.


Lauren said...

It all sounds so exciting! I wish I was there! Great post Lindsey! Andie, if you can, bring back some tea if you think I'd like it. Hope you get to update more!

Kelsey said...

Ohh so good to hear from you guys. I went with my parents today to get our immunizations and now we're ready to come see you! While we were in line at the doctor's there was a little African girl next to us and it made us so excited to see many more. We can't wait for it. Love you all, see you soon!

Andie's Mom said...

What a great first week! Post some pictures if you can. We miss you! Love, Mom

K. Grimes said...
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K. Grimes said...

Hey D- Glad to see you made it. The corps will be SO happy to hear you are there. I will post ya'll blog on the board before we leave. We are praying for you and the team!

lilsis said...

LINDSEY!!!!!!!!!! Im glad you have no malaria to speak of. . . thats good!! sorry about the 9 hour drive! 5 hours to camp is BAD ENOUGH!!

Nathan's Parents said...

It's great to read the postings and know you all are having such a wonderful experience. We're glad you're having the opportunity to minister to the people both in physical ways (manual labor) as well as spiritually. We pray for the team daily that God will keep you safe and healthy and will continue to provide you with ministry opportunities.
Nathan - Do you know where your passport is?

Much love!