Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm Back!

This post is strictly for the teams. Sorry for any disappointment those of you who check this sight regularly for updates from the teams.

Dear Teams,

Today is my first day back at work! It's nice to be back. I'm wondering how each of you are doing and what God is doing in you. I can't wait until you get back to find out.

Speaking of you getting back, I need to know how each of you are planning on getting home. Some of you I'm guessing will be driving home and some flying. Some of you have flights, others will need me to book them. No matter what, I NEED TO KNOW HOW YOU PLAN ON GETTING HOME!!

So, if one team leader from each team would be kind enough to email me EVERY person's travel arrangements or lack thereof for their return, I would appreciate it. Please do not send me 22 separate emails but one per team. The individual emails are hard to keep up with and I know I'll lose information that way.

There's a list below of people from whom I have information, so, I won't need to know about them unless what I have has changed.

Thanks you guys! The sooner I can get those emails, the better.


Transportation Home

Daynes Viera
Rebecca Costas
Lindsey Fleeman – needs flight to Ft. Myers, FL
Sheena Hampton
Kristin Riley
Andrea Halsey
Kris Nickell - Flight to Orlando (change current ticket)
Jesse Hinson
Andrew Czanderna – staying in Atlanta, will be picked up from hotel
Antonio Hodges – will let me know by July 5
Matt Trantham – already has a flight
Nathan Bridges - driving home
Mary Scheerer – flight to Dallas/FW
Jill Riefer
Stephanie Fitzgerald
San Juanita Dominguez – needs flight to Laredo
Katie Street
Shannon Rogers – needs flight to Raleigh
Kirbi Vick – needs ride to airport (departs at 1:55 pm on July 26, American Flight 1117)
Amanda Poff – flight to Charlotte
David McQueen
Josh Hinson
Marion Killion – flight to Charlotte

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