Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We're in KK!

The Malaysian team arrived in Kota Kinabalu (KK) on Monday night. KK is on the island part of Malaysia - look it up on a map to get a good idea of where we are. The journey here - two planes - was pretty uneventful, which was good. We were met by Captain Jabid and a couple of others and taken straight over to the corps, where about 30 of the corps members gave us the warmest welcome I've ever received. They were shaking our hands, taking pictures, and had us dancing and singing our national anthem within minutes! There was food of course, and it was good! We're staying in a hotel that is a few minutes' walk from the corps. The hotel is nice, but it's right above a kareoke bar, so we hear the singing loud and clear every night. There are mountains here, and the sea is close but we haven't seen it yet. The weather is hot, and so far it hasn't rained. Yesterday we had off to rest, so we spent the time finding places to eat, meeting some people, and then going out to a seafood market for dinner with the Captains, their toddler son, and a couple of others from the corps. Today we spent the morning helping out with tutoring six kids (ages 5-11) at the youth center (the floor below the corps) and then played with them all afternoon. They're still running around now playing with the superballs we gave them.

Our last days in Ipoh were good, and Sunday was our official farewell at the corps (Lindsey preached). We also went to the Old Folks' Home and said goodbye there. Madam Tong and Uncle Eddie gave us a fruit party - there was a platter piled with all kinds of fruit, and we had to eat it all! We did it, and got introduced to a lot of new fruits - rambutan ("hairy fruit"), "cat's eyes," mangostein, guava. Later that night they had us try durian - the strangest fruit any of us have ever had. It smells terrible, and tastes nothing like a fruit - and that's fact, not opinion! It was quite an experience!

We have posted pictures on our Malaysiateam06 blog! Please check them out. There's a funny one of Ben being scared by a monkey!

We have good access to the internet here, so I'll be writing again soon! Also, we miss you friends and family! So comment to us! Keep us in your prayers!



Lauren's Mom said...

Hi Lauren and team:
Great post! It sounds like you're having no problems keeping busy. I think I'd rather eat exotic fruits than exotic creatures - no fruit bats yet?
Love, Mom

Lauren's Dad said...

Hello to all in KK! Great pictures, especially of the monkey...can't wait to see more.

Isn't is amazing how God's people and God's Salvation Army are so welcoming and wonderful no matter where you find them in the world!

Love and prayers to all the team from Lawrenceville are certainly witnessing "to the ends of the Earth" as Jesus commissioned us to do.

Lauren, you'll have to try to convince the local Publix (or maybe Harry's Market) to import some of those exotic fruits, so we can experience them too!

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with your adventures in Christ. Keep in the center of His will and He will bless you and your efforts for Him.

Looking forward to hearing more from you soon.

(By the way, Andie is quite sick at camp...possibly strep throat...please include her in your prayers - she goes to the doctor @ 11am Thursday)

Love, Dad