Friday, July 07, 2006

HOLLER...from Peru

Here are some pictures of some activities we have been up to over here in Peru. The computers are reeeeaally slow here so we will try to post a couple pictures each day for the next couple of days. We are in Chiclayo, Peru and will be here until next Thursday when we go to Trujillo for yet another congress. The 11 hour bus ride to Chiclayo was quite a fun-filled one, with Johanna winning BUS BINGO!!

Chiclayo has been great. We have been here a total of 4 days now and its exciting to see God working through the Army here. Unlike Piura, The Salvation Army is much more established here in Chiclayo. They have home league and youth programs and lots and lots of kids! The Youth here are really active in serving the community. It´s been awesome to work with some other young people and to serve together with them.

We are all doing well. No sicknesses at the moment which is just SUPER! We´re having a lot of fun and experiencing God in a real way with these people. We have had a lot of craft activities and devotions with the kids during the day and services with the community at night. Worship is great! We sing lots and lots of songs in SPANISH!! So for the gringas and well, me, we clap and smile!!!

okay well I think im pretty much through updating for the moment. It´s Dinner time!! wild guess, chicken and rice??? No, seriously, we are extremely blessed. The Captains have taken great care of us.

Dios Te Bendiga!!

Booth and....ok, the nicks.

- In His Grip -


Malaysia '06 said...

You guys look great in your pictures! Glad to hear everyone is doing well, and you guys are having a good time. Can't wait to see some more pictures!

Capt. Angie Repass said...

Booth glad to hear you are not sick anymore. Sarah has moved in with us and I know she thinks of you often. I will make sure she checks this blog out!