Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well things have been busy here. We had to move last week. Rob and Heather took in two of the neighborhood boys so we had to trade houses with them so they would have enough room for the boys. Can I just say that I very much dislike moving. This move was for a great cause so it was all worth it.

We spend most of our time with the kids of the neighborhood and when we are not with them they are hanging out on our front proch anyways. I have been given the nickname NURSE thanks to Jaime calling me that all the kids do now. Nothing like the bellow of a 12 year old boy yelling NURSE across the neighborhood to get my attention.

We take them to the local pool on Mondays and Fridays. On the other days we do various activites with them. Mostly keeping them from pounding on each other or throwing rocks at anything that doesn't move. When you can get the kids in small groups they are great it is when we have them all together that there is a problem.

We have seen God really working in some of these kids. Just since we have been here there have been changes in some of them. They are learning that kind words get you farther than mean demanding words and that there is a better way to solve problems than with your fists.

Basketball is the main thing there kids do here. Sometimes till wee hours of the morning or until we take away the basketballs and put down the goal. Which we learned to do very quickly if we want any sleep at night.

We are planning a trip to a local amusement park with the kids in a few weeks and also a community picnic. I am very excited aout both events.

Please keep praying for us, pray that the fruits of the spirit will be in full harvest in each of us because we need it every day.


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