Monday, July 03, 2006

Belize is off to Camp!

That's right, well be traveling to Succotz today for Youth/Home League Camp today. We have spent one whole week in the villiage of Georgeville doing VBS and various work projects. It has been amazing serving alongside Captains Mark and Vicki Gilden who are serving here as missionaries from the Western Territory. They are incredible people and are doing an amazing job here. Remember them and their three daughters in your prayers today.

We've had our fair share of trips to the hospital this week. Val, Alyce, and Leo are recovering well from their respective illnesses and the rest of the group is doing great as well.

Yesterday afternoon we drove back into Belize City to march in a parade celebrating 91 years of the Salvation Army in Belize. We then came back to Georgeville for the night meeting during which I got to enroll 3 junior soldiers! That was a HUGE honor for me, and I am grateful to the Gildens for allowing me to be a part of their corps family.

That's all the time we have for an update at the moment. When we get back from camp, we'll try to squeeze in some more details.

Much love!


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