Monday, July 17, 2006

Only one more week in sad!

This past week has been different for us...

On Monday, there were only two kids instead of the usual 6 for tutoring/day care because the van broke down and the others couldn't be picked up. So the kids were given the week off.

Tuesday we painted the outside of the corps. It was dirty work as we had to clean the dust off before painting, but we nearly finished everything that day.

On Wednesday we went to the beach.

Thursday afternoon the girls went to women's fellowship and taught them how to make scrambled eggs and french toast - the french toast was a huge hit! The guys finished us the painting at the corps. That night we took taxis downtown and saw Pirates of the Caribbean.

Friday we went to "the village" - where Captain Mihing's parents live. It's a really rural place, and we took a dirt road to get there. But once there, it was beautiful! we stayed in a lodge place - bedrooms, kitchen, porch - and there was a river flowing by and Mount Kinabalu (the tallest mountain in Malaysia) in the near distance. We spent that day swimming in the river and then had a barbecue that night. We dragged our mattresses out to the porch and slept there under the stars (and yes, some of us now have quite a few mosquito bites!) The next day we lazed around until Captain Jabid arrived with Major Bob, and then we all left for the city. It was a nice time to relax.

Sunday we had the 9:30 meeting - we did praise and worship, Ben and Annie sang, and Josh preached. For dinner we went out to Pizza Hut with Captain Jabid and Major Bob.

That all for now! Leave us some comments! We'll be home in a week! It's hard to believe it!



Lauren's Mom said...

Hi Lauren

That was a good week. Are you going to climb the mountain? Have you picked up any phrases in the local language?
We're looking forward to your return!
Love, Mom

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