Monday, July 03, 2006

The Halfway Point

It´s incredibly hard to believe that half of our trip is over! We had a great two weeks in Piura. The Salvation Army is desperately needed there and we really feel that when the new corps is established it will do well! Johanna gave a devotion on the local Christian radio station in Piura and was amazing!
We were able to visit the beach in Mancora, about 3 hours away from Piura, where we had a wonderful day with the beach pretty much to ourselves. Traveling from Piura to Lima took about 13 hours by bus and while we were a little scared about the bus situation, it was actually pretty fun. The team (and one Peruvian guy who must think we were nuts!) had the bottom of the bus to ourselves for the night. The seats laid almost flat and were really wide!
This weekend The Salvation Army celebrated 96 years in Lima with an anniversary celebration and we were lucky enough to participate. There was an open air in an outdoor mall area Friday night and then meetings Saturday and Sunday with a march on Sunday afternoon. It was a long weekend but everyone had a good time. While in Lima we stayed at DHQ which has officer´s apartments on the upper floors. Our hosts have been amazing! Pretty much the whole weekend we have been eating Pizza Hut, KFC, and Burger King. It´s been great to have a break from all the roasted chicken, white rice, and fries that seem to be the main meal here!
We leave Lima tonight for another long bus ride to Chiclayo where we will be for about 11 days.
The whole team wants to say hi to the Malaysian Persuasion, the Belize Bobsled Team, and the Charlotte group! We are praying for you today.
Josie & The Peruvian Knickerbockers

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amcas said...

Hi to the Peru team. News from Josie would be appreciated. Everyone keeps asking for an update on your health. We all, including Joy, assume that no news is good news. You all remain in our prayers.