Monday, June 15, 2009

Costa Rica's First Post!

June 15, 2009
Wow! What an amazing week it has been! We arrived to Costa Rica safely, welcomed by the incredibly friendly D.C., D.S., Capitan Murio, and overwhelming humidity and heat. We were taken to the city of Limon for our first and second week. The first week we worked at the Corps of Limon 2000, which is in a very poor neighborhood just outside of the city. There were many children in the neighborhood that loved to come to the corps and play with us, and a few of the teenage youth of the corps that spent a lot of time with us. Everyone is incredibly friendly and kind.
We were able to speak with a man named John from that neighborhood whos story touched us all. He lead a very dangerous and sad life, and was shot by one of his enemies 7 months ago and is now paralyzed from the waist down, but God came to him during this time and has filled his heart and life with His love and His word. It was amazing to see so much of God in Him.
As for the team, we are all doing well! We are most DEFINITELY learning our spanish! We are enjoying the food. We went on a trip to the beach on saturday. We all love the gorgeous and exotic land, plants, and animals. Some of us are a liiiiittle sunburned though. =) We haven´t had any access to phone or internet until yesterday, so if you haven´t heard from us yet, we might be able to get in touch with you sometime this week, as the officer we are with now wants for us to be able to be in touch with family back home.
This week we begin working at a daycare center just a few blocks down the road from the hotel we are staying in. The Officers, Capitan and Capitana Josua and Marlena Taura, are so kind and treating us like family. The daycare center has 63 children everyday, from the ages of two to six, and we will be doing VBS with them starting Tuesday. We are all very excited!
All of your prayers are very, very appreciated.
God is at work here, and in all of our hearts.
The Costa Rica Team
written by Kalin


Jim said...

I am praying for your team and I know God is using you to change lives and bring Glory to His name. That region of Costa Rica will never be the same because Gods word and His people never come back void. Lets test your Spanish-

'Yo le digo la verdad, cualquier usted hizo para uno de lo menos de estos hermanos míos, usted hizo para mí'.

OK, I'll give you the reference Matt 25:40

By the way, whoever is writing your blog is doing a good job.

Jim Delfino

steve henderson said...

was very happy & pleased to read what has been going on, as i was happily surprised to find out our grand-daughter was going on a missions trip as it were. May God use each of you in ways you never knew were possible, now & always.this Verse i leave for each of you - Proverbs 16:3

steve & alice henderson

just watchmen on the wall.( Is.62:6)

saved2trek said...

Me alegro oír que todo va bien. Estamos orando por ti. Mando mis saludos a todos. Dios te bendiga.

I'm happy to hear all is well. We're praying for you. I send my greetings to all. God bless you.

Numbers 6:24-26

Capt. Linda Payton