Thursday, June 25, 2009

Costa Rica 3rd Update

We are having such a wonderful week in San Isidro!
Yesterday, Josh, Sarah and I were able to go visit a rehabilitation center for mentally handicapped adults. We joined them for their afternoon classes and it was such a blessing. A few of the people who go to the center live in a home nearby that the Army provides. We are about to go there tonight to visit them and do some worship time, and tomorrow we will be having a service at the rehabilitation center. We're all pretty excited for that.
This morning, the corps had a "Cultural Day" celebration type thing. They had all sorts of mimes and a big group of 'cultural dancers', who later tried teaching us their dances and we had a dance off. Sarah and Kelly tied in their amazingness. 
We love the corps officers and the lieutenant! The lieutenant is very young, our age, from the Dominican Republic, and we're enjoying getting to know her. 
We are surrounded by indescribable beauty everywhere we go here! When we open the door of our hotel rooms in the morning theres a perfect view of the mountains right in front of us! And there are so many interesting little living things of God's creations joining us in our bedrooms! 
Kelly has told me to write that as we look at the trees on the mountains, we are waiting to see them rustle and move around like a T-rex is walking through them because it looks so much like jurassic park here. 
More to come soon! Keep praying for us! God is using us and teaching us. 


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