Saturday, June 27, 2009

blog 3

We cannot believe that it is almost week 4! We feel like we have been here forever, but also not long enough! Its hard to think that in three weeks we will be back home with you all. We are also very excited to see the Costa Rica team. We love and miss them as well!
This week we got to do some painting and will continue to do so in the coming up weeks. Justin was very excited about that.
Swine flu has hit Antigua, so our pre-school was shut down for the week. It is not really a huge deal, people are just being careful, so don't worry about us here. We are all fine and healthy. But before that happened, we had sports day with the kids. That was so much fun! We got to take them out of the school and play lots of games outside! We got rained out at the end, but that was fun with all the kids too.
We are adjusting to the heat and the sun. We have been to the beach three times now and instead of burning, we are tanning nicely...well, some of us at least :-)
After being here for 3 weeks we have learned a lot about the people of Antigua. We have grown to love them. We now understand what we learned about at orientation. Anyone can go on a missions trip and paint a wall. They could hire people here to do that. We are here to share the love of Christ with others. We are here for the people.
"Who will be my hands my feet...To the lost, the last, the least...Who will stand...Who will go?"

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