Sunday, June 21, 2009

and another week goes by....

This week has been so much fun! We have really gotten more involved with the people of Antigua! We had open days this week at the pre-school and the parents got to come into the school to see what their children have been doing all year. We also got to do a lot more teaching! It has been so much fun to get to know the kids more and more.
We have had a lot of homeleague this week as well. We got to be in charge at least twice and have developed bonds with the women of the congregations. Our group has also gotten to know the youth of Antigua. They are very nice and has asked us to join them on Saturdays for their swim practices. We went to one on Saturday and almost died! It was so hard! Many of us were not able to finish the whole practice, but we tried our best. Swimming in the ocean is not as easy as it looks, especially after running 2 miles!
We got to meet the Governor General of Antigua this week. She is very nice, British lady, who loves the Salvation Army. We were very honored to have met her and were able to take a few pictures with her.
This Sunday our team was split into two and went to the two corps in Antigua. We celebrated Father's day and honored the many fathers that were with us today. At one of the corps, the congregation prayed a blessing over a set of chairs they received. 10 in all. They were very grateful, and we were humbled to see it.
We have discovered that the Salvation Army is different here, but is still very much the same. We wear different uniforms, sing different songs with different beats, our worship looks different...but our God is the same, and our aim is the same. Our hearts are united together in worship and it is wonderful!
Please pray for us because some of our team members are still dealing with sunburn, but we are MUCH better then before, and we are excited to be here and ready to get to work! Love and miss you all!

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