Monday, June 22, 2009

Costa Rica Update 2

Sarah, David, and I are sitting in a cloud right now. We have just arrived in the mountains in San Isidro!

Last week was incredible! We all had a blast playing with the children in the daycare and having VBS with them. The Captains and their family that we stayed with were very welcoming and treated all of us as one of their own children. It was hard to leave and say goodbye to them and their three sons, and to all the children and the wonderful people we met in Limon. 

We drove out of Limon this morning and into San Jose, to the DHQ of Costa Rica, where we met with the D.C. for a few moments and talked about how the trip was going and spiritual growth.  The drive to San Isidro through the mountains was breath-taking. God's creation is incredible - His beauty is unfathomable!

Everyone is doing good on the team! Stephanie became sick earlier this week and was taken to the hospital just to be extra safe, but it was just a bug and she is perfectly fine now. Claudia has been feeling a little under the weather for the past few days, but tomorrow she will be getting the day off so she can rest and recover. 

I pray that God works through our team and uses us for unimaginable things this week. I pray that he gives us strength, energy, guidance, open eyes and open hearts to share His love. 
And I pray that for the Antigua team as well! We miss and love you guys!


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saved2trek said...

¿Son las montañas mas frescas? Se que seras una bendición en San Isidro tal como fuíste in Limón. Gózate en hacer la voluntad de Dios y sea una bendición para otros tal como ellos son bendición para ti.

Is it cooler up in the mountains? I know you'll be a blessing as much in San Isidro as you were in Limon. Have fun doing God's will and blessing others as they bless you.

Still praying!!

Philemon 21

Capt. Linda Payton