Thursday, July 05, 2007

Live from Gulfport....

As I am writing this I am in the process of putting pictures up on our Myspace, so go check those out! Sorry it has taken me so long to get them up but we don't always have reliable internet access and the pictures take a long time to upload! This self-appointed assignment is, however, getting me out of Home Leauge(sorry to all you dedicated HL members!!) but I can hear a rousing game going on in the fellowship hall.

We also have a few new blogs up from the past week or so.

All is going well down here. Tomorrow is our last day of VBS here at the Gulfport corps and next week we are going on to round #3 of Avalanche Ranch in Biloxi and Yankie Stadium. We should all definitely be pros at this by the time we get home. Be ready to saddle up your horses at THQ the night we do our thing!

Last night for the 4th of July we climbed up on the roof of the warehouse and got to see all of the fireworks the Gulf Coast had to offer, from D'Iberville to Ocean Springs to our gool ol' Biloxi. It was quite a show. I think we are venturing up there once again tonight to watch the Beau Rivage (a casino) set off their fireworks because they wanted theirs to be special and not do them on July 4th. The weater and the mosquitos might prevent this from happening though.

Tomorrow we begin our beach ministry that I, for one, am very excited about. Beach volleyball and passing out water for Jesus!

Only a little over 2 weeks left!

In Christ,
Shannon Rogers and the SSC Gulf Coast Team

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