Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We love Peru!!!

We are very sorry for slacking on the blog. This blog might be a little to long but I know all of you will enjoy reading it.

Well we were in La Esperanza Corp for two weeks. We certainly had amazing experiences there and were able to see God’s work in many ways. One of the things we did was go out to the neighborhood and invite people to the campaign and to church. We gave out War Cry magazines and were able to pray with some people too. One Saturday morning, the last day we went out to the neighborhood, we went to an outdoor super market. There were a lot of people buying their groceries and many who were in a hurry to listen to us. There was a man who was selling fruit and was using a microphone to announce the price to people. So David goes up to San Juanita and tells her that she should offer the man three soles for using the microphone. We wanted to use the microphone to invite people to our campaign. San Juanita was very nervous about this but she felt the Lord leading her to do it. So Capt. Samaniego went to the man and offered him the money. He agreed and so we began our speech. The Holy Spirit was present because not only did we invite them but we also sang choruses, read the Bible and told them about the Lord. Capt. Samaniego almost preached right there. It was amazing because people started to come up and asked questions about the campaign, church meetings and about what we had read from the Bible. The Lord used us and a lot of people were blessed.

We also had the opportunity to attend a youth camp similar to Youth Councils. We were in Shiran for a weekend and God worked amazingly there too. The team was in charge of teaching four different workshops: mime, praise and worship, chorus and dance. The mission was to let the young people know there are a lot of different forms of praise. The corps were divided to where each workshop had at least two or three people from each corps. Each of the young people had the challenge of learning about each workshop and then going back to their corps and teaching the rest of the young people about it. Not only being able to learn but also to go back and begin their own mime, praise and worship, chorus and dance groups. Each of the workshop teachers, us, also had to teach the group a special number so they could perform on the Sunday morning meeting. A lot of people were blessed and were able to learn many new things.

Now we are in Lima, staying at the Vitarte Corp. Vitarte has a Salvation Army school of about 305 students. They have a lot of classes going on and we have been able to help teach some of them. We have been helping with the English classes and the Christian Education classes too. It has been a great experience too. Last Friday we were able to visit a very poor region of Vitarte called Monterey. We had an open air meeting with the children from there and had a great time singing choruses and playing with them. The Lord showed us so much. He wants us to embrace and love his children and let them know how much He loves them and cares for them.

Please continue to pray for us as our mission trip comes to an end. Our prayer is that we may continue to fight the battle for our Lord Jesus Christ right where we live and not just when we go to another country.


Jean Wilson said...

When I went to Sarah and Jason's wedding, I found out that you have been in Peru this Summer!! Glad to hear it. Now that I know that you are there, I have been praying for you. If you get a chance, please say "hello" to the Nesterenkos from the Mayores Wilson who visited Ecuador a few years ago.
Que Dios siga bendiciendo a tu equipo.
Mayora Jean de Wilson, Guatemala

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