Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guatemala Update 4

So we are still in Limon, but I was able to upload some more of our pictures so make sure you check those out.
They´re at:
username: misstritton@gmail.com
password: 307857

I hope that our blogs have been able to keep everyone informed at much as they´d like. If you´d like to ask us questions that you have you can write misstritton@gmail.com and I will try to answer them in the following blog.

Also, we´d love to hear from you guys. It´s not always easy to respond, but it´s a real encouragment to hear that you´re thinking of us still!
We´re having so much fun together and although things get a little stressful sometimes, we still all seem to stay on a good page, pray that continues as we continue to work.
We had our first day of VBS yesterday and it went very well. We were expecting about 30 or so kids and ended up with about 60 so that number will only grow over the next few days.
Cara picked out a few kids to act out the Bible story of David. We hadn´t run over it before we actually did it so it was funny when we got to the part where he cut Goliath´s head off. Tammy looking at Cara wide eyed and slightly shaking her head started to translate in Spanish the violent act. It was funny, but she did a GREAT job!
Annie and I were in charge of crafts. Between 60+ kids, beads, string, knots, and a lanuage barrier... it got a little crazy. We did end up with braclets and no fingers cut off though so all in all it was a success.
Chris and David were in charge of games. What better sport to choose than soccer?!? They closed off the street in front of the building for games and we divided up the boys and girls. Because the lack of goals, the guys stepped up to be moving goals. BRAVE SOULS. The kids had a great time and there were only 2 or 3 minor injuries (bumps, bruises, etc.)!
We´re looking foward to VBS tonight and can´t wait to see how many kids show up.
Thanks for keeping up with us as we continue on our adventure.
We love you all and we miss you all!
Team Guatemala

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Fairy Tales and Fireflies said...

Guys! I'm so proud of you and how well you're working together as a team! Well done! Keep up the good work.

Jesus loves you!