Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What day is this again???

Well we have made our exciting arrival in Lisbon, Portugal or Lisboa, if you are Portuguese! We had a very long flight but all baggage and flight times went well, so praise Jesus for that! We were graciously greeted with open arms from Majors Serém and their daughter, Débora and her boyfriend André. These two, Débora and André, will be new additions to our team because of their beautiful English/Portuguese. They will be incredible translators and a wonderful blessing to our small team of four. We had some yummy McDonalds after we landed in the capital then we were sent to our beautiful apartment to get some much needed rest!
Our first official day was spent with grocery shopping and lunch at the Senior Day Center in Lisbon. It was very nice meeting some of the older demographic of Portugal. We met one woman who was 95 years old and laughing and joking with us like a young person would....it was a very fun lunch to say the least. We then took a relaxing trip to the beach and played games and enjoyed the lovely weather of Portugal. The weather feels like 75 degrees Fahrenheit here during the summer....so basically, perfect spring weather for the States. We were all happy about this!
We are still adjusting to the time change, seeing how this post is going to be going up at 2 in the morning, which is about 9 in the evening at home in the States, but it is all worth it!

The Lord is going to do incredible things this summer and we all cannot wait to see what He has in store!

Until the next post, be blessed and keep praying for us!!

With Love,
The Portugal Team
(Kendall, Jounalist)


Moose said...

I actually spent an hour setting up a Google account or whathaveyou so that I could leave comments on your blog thing. This way, I can still communicate with you!! -Minding my moose manners of course.. Lt. Sgt. Col. Ferlington Whisker Pants- Master at Arms- I miss you. I hope you have a fun and safe trip chocked full of Jesus. I LOOVE YOU!!! Ich liebe dichh!! Hastaa. =]

-Sky Captain

Laura said...

Abby... Guess you had fun at the beach!!! I really hope you remembered sun screen! We all know you burn! Don't fool yourself that you will get a tan without the sunscreen!

Anybody on Abby's team, please remind her of this!

Love you and miss you already!!!!!!

pat said...

Phillip grandma loves and misses you. Have fun learn a lot and be safe. Praying for you love ya ~grandma

Major Donna said...

So glad to hear that team is doing well! We are remembering all of you in prayer but especially our Phillip - We love you and know God is going to use you mightily!

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