Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Permiso….checking in from Chile

Since our last update, we finished our first full week with a great Sunday meeting. The Haulpancio corps has an amazing worship team, and the participation in the meetings are intense, especially the prayers. Our team participated in each of the three meetings of the day, including playing in the corps’ band (Gabrielle & Morgan), giving the children’s lesson (Morgan), Gabrielle gave her testimony, and presenting a timbrel drill, performed by the entire team! (For our non-army readers, these are similar to tambourines, only better)

Our second week has been spent mostly in planning. The rain here is immense, which prohibits our work in Santa Clara. Still, today we took advantage of our time by taking a prayer walk around the neighborhood. Through it, we were able to share a moment of witnessing with a man walking close to the corps. In addition to this, we have been taking advantage of our time at home to pray and grow personally in God.

With that, we ask for your continued prayers for not only our team, but also the country of Chile….

Hasta Luego

PS. Chile has advanced to the next level in the World Cup. We were able to witness the explosion of screams around our home when there was the only goal of the game made, as well as the history making victory….VIVA CHILE! (the next game comes Friday, you know where we’ll be.)

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