Thursday, July 02, 2009

Costa Rica Update

I don´t know if the picture shows up only half-way on all computers, but if it does, I´m sorry! (i don´t really know how to fix it.) I assure you all 8 of our team members are still around.
We are in the city of Nicoya now. The past two days have been full of painting - and lots of it. We actually had our day off today and went to another beautiful beach, and look forward to some walking downtown in a moment. Tomorrow and Saturday we look forward to some visitation times, and whatever other blessings our thrown our way.
This specific corps we are at now has apparently gone through some troubles in the recent years, and the corps officers have told us that there is close to no one that comes to any of the meetings or services. The most money the offering basket has seen since they´ve been there is about $6. They have told us that they have a lot of hope in our team being here with them that somehow it might draw people to come into the church.
While we were at lunch today in a restaurant near the beach, a man who worked there said he was looking for a church, and when the Captain invited him to come on sunday, he said he will see us there! How incredible is that! Not to mention that he lives nearly an hour away from the corps. God, you are just - wow.
I pray that whoever You bring into the church on sunday will see You there.

Thank you for the prayers, we see them working!

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Steve & Donna Justice said...

Thanks for the CostaRica update. If you click on the picture you should be able to see everyone. We are praying for you daily. Blessings! Steve Justice