Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Costa Rica team - Week 5

We had a wonderful and full week in Nicoya, and we have now arrived in the city of Santa Cruz which is only a half-hour outside of Nicoya. The corps we are working at this week is probably the most well-off we´ve encountered. We have a week ahead of us full of gardening, painting, bible school, and night meetings. Joy will be joining us tomorrow and will stay with us until Saturday. We are all very excited to see her and have her with us!
Last night a prayer meeting was held. A man preached very passionately, and then said about a 30 minute long prayer. With the exception of Claudia, none of us knew what he was talking or praying about, but we loved it. It´s so cool to see God in others that you can´t communicate with. That´s something that´s been hard for some of us. We want to create relationships here so badly, and its difficult when you can´t talk with them, but, we do know we have one thing in common. We have the same God. The same God loving us, teaching us, and using us. And we are all in love with the same God.
That has proven to be enough to create a friendship with the officers and people we meet here.

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