Monday, July 07, 2008

Guatemala Team Update

Hey guys! Sorry it´s been so long since the last blog.

So we finished in Limon and Maya. It was hard to say bye to the kids in
Maya because they were really the first group of kids we were able to
interact with.

We had a few issues with food. Chris, David, and Tammi got sick. The
boys took a little time to get better and are back to work. Tammi just
wasn´t getting any better so Major took her to the hospital. She stayed
one night and came home the next day. There were a few times where she
started to feel better, but then it would just return.

Last Saturday we made a trip to the airport and picked up the
Iglehearts! We were so excited to see them and they were such an
encouragment to us. Unfortunately their trip was too short. The left on
the 2nd and they took Tammi with them.

So now there´s only six of us.
This week we were in Central and Tierra Nueva.
In Central we scraped old paint off and painted the outside, a room,
and the railing up three flights of stairs to the chapel. I think we
all woke up at least one day this week really not wanting to paint, but
we knew that God had something in store for us that much bigger than
our own desires.
A song that´s been on our minds lately has been. A lyric from it says;
I surrender dreams to the plans you have for me.

I think that our hearts have been challenged by this line. We´re
seeking what that really means and what that means to us.

Our team becomes stronger everyday and we realize more and more how
hard it´s going to be to part from each other...

Today we went to Antigua. We did TONS of shopping and I think we would
all agree that today was a very good bonding day.
This week we will be going to Tecpan and we´re very excited because we
will be staying at the camp there. This is up in the mountains and we
will be staying in a house. How awesome is that?!?
We will be with the Wilson´s there.. who speak English! YEY! They have
a busy schedule for us. I don´t know how many pictures we will have
from there because the people there belive that when a picture is taken
of you part of your soul is being captured. Craziness, but if that´s
the way they say it is then that´s the way it is...

We´re all excited that you guys have been keeping up with our blog.
We do have more pictures up.
username :
password: 307857

We will see you all in about two and a half weeks!
Keep praying for us!
Team Guatemala

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