Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another Belize Update!

We've been working VERY HARD in Belize since our last update. Belize it or not! Last Friday we were in charge of conducting devotions here at the school at the Central Corps. Devotions were about the wise man and the foolish man and where they built their houses. It rained pretty hard that morning, so we were able to tie the weather in with our theme! Later that afternoon we had craft time with the same 250 children at the school. They enjoyed making Salvation bracelets and sock puppets. Friday evening we conducted the youth meeting at the same corps. We were able to use a couple of the Jim Caine items and the kids loved it.
Saturday was incredible. We traveled to another part of Belize (about 4 hours away in a van on a very bumpy road) to visit the Mayan ruins. We enjoyed climbing (some of us) the ancient temple ruins, walking in the rainforest, seeing howling monkeys, and swimming in the river there. We also ate some exotic fruits there. On our way to the Mayan site we passed through a large Mennonite villiage. It was very interesting to most of us, and on the way back home we stopped in the villiage and the Mennonites allowed us to pick some Mangos from their trees. Yummy! The best part of our trip was the fellowship we enjoyed on the van ride to and from the Mayan site. Some of the youth from the corps came along on this trip and we used the 4 hours there and back sharing our personal stories and giving advice and just listening to their thoughts, ideas, and questions.
We spent Sunday at the Northside corps with Majors Robateau and Major Alice Buckley. What a wonderful time we had worshipping with the folks there. Our group was responsible was a special drama which the corps people enjoyed, and we also provided the music for the meeting. Angel gave her testimony and it was amazing. She did not hold back in sharing some rather difficult things about her life and I believe that God used her in a mighty way that day. The team was responsible for Sunday School which was at 3pm at the corps. We had about 30 kids to work with and we talked about the armor of God. After Sunday School we all went out around the corps to do some community evangelism. It was great to get the kids involved in this and they loved taking part and using the evangicards and cubes to tell their neighbors about Jesus.
On Monday and Tuesday we were responsible for League of Mercy Meetings at two nursing homes in the area. I was blessed to see the team serving others. It brought tears to my eyes. And by service I mean they were on their knees literally feeding and tending to and loving and talking to the precious people in these homes. I was blessed! On Monday night we also attended prayer meeting at the Central Corps. What a broken and hungry (spiritually) place this is! Belize needs your PRAY PRAY PRAY.
We spent Tuesday afternoon at the Belize Zoo. We got to see the native animals of Belize and we had a great time. We traveled there in three cars. The car I was in (which Josh was driving) with Shannon and Bethany, made it to the zoo which is about 35 miles out of town, but didn't quite make it back home. As we were leaving the zoo, the accelerator got stuck down (not good) and we could only use the brakes as the car went faster and faster. Long story short, Shannon and Bethany rode home with Major Robateau while Josh and myself got to be pulled in the broken down car. Little kids were laughing at us as we were being pulled along...we were going pretty slow at times. What an adventure! Don't worry...we've got pictures!
Update: Val's inner workings ar working as they should....they weren't moving for a few days, but all is well now! The rest of the team is healthy and having a blast as well.
We are now preparing for a series of evangelistic campaign meetings that begin tomorrow and go through Sunday. Please be in prayer that many will come or even walk by and hear and see that things that will be done here.
Much love to Peru, Malaysia, Charlotte, and YOU!


Lindsey's mom said...

We have a wonderful prayer warrior in our Corps (Fort Myers, FL) who is from Belize. Her name is Grace Augustus and she wants you to know she is praying for you and for your work in Belize. Though she is housebound in a wheelchair, as I said she is a mighty prayer warrior. God bless your work!

Claudia R. said...

Hey Valentina and team!
Israel and I are praying for you. We are glad to hear everything is working well with you! We hope your team is having an amazing time working for God. Put everything thing(no matter how small) to God in prayer-for your summer and for what will happen after the summer. We send lots of hugs! and Brazil was good and is going real good in the World Cup games. Claudia and Israel 6/

major jim taylor said...

From Dallas: I pray for the team each day. I pray for your service to each other and for your service as a team to the people of Belize. This morning I prayed Ephesians 4:32. I just love you young adults. You are amazing! Continue giving yourselves to God and He will continue blessing others through you.