Monday, April 17, 2006

Answers to your questions

Hey Everyone,

I am sorry that I haven't responded to any of your questions recently. I was pulling up an old URL for the site. Duh! So, now that I know it's working I can help.

I remember three questions from the comments, so here are the answers.

1. What happens if we raise too much money?
You can do one of two things - you can still send all of it in. It will go towards your trip. Or you can keep the extra to use once you get to your destination. I don't mean on souvenirs or anything like that but usually a team discovers a need that a specific location needs and wants to provide it. Your extra money can be used for that.

2. How is the Charlotte team travelling to their destination?
I am hoping that we can arrange for you to drive there. This does not mean that you can pack however many bags you want. Every team member is only allowed to pack one regular size suitcase and one carry on!! The other bag is for team ministry items and materials. There will not be any acceptions to this rule no matter where you are headed for the summer.

3. When are you supposed to start? Leaders will begin their orientation on May 26. Team members will begin their orientation on June 4.

I hope all that is helpful!
Keep the questions coming!

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